Clifton Park’s Premier Landscaping & Maintenance Company
A full‐service landscaping company

Spring/fall clean up

Removal of all leaves and sticks. We take all away all debris.


When we mow your lawn, our goal is to get your lawn to look like you are trying to sell your house. Our blades are always sharp and ready to go to be able to give you that manicured look.


Nothing looks better then a nice crisp edge to your driveway, sidewalk and mulch beds and we always make sure we touch it up on each visit. It is one more thing we do just to make sure that your property stands out above and beyond your neighbors.


Everyone wants that golf course look with the beautiful green grass that’s nice and full and thick. With only the best fertilizer can that be achieved and that’s what we only use. Our monthly treatments will help to make your neighbors green with envy.


It doesn’t matter if you have flowers or hedges and shrubs, the best compliment to your plants is fresh mulch. We will add to your existing or if it’s time, we will take away the old and give you a fresh start while working around everything you currently have planted.

Mosquito and tick prevention

We are as tired of both of these insects as you are and we have found a way to keep your yard safe with out any harmful chemicals or sprays. It is time to finally have that peace of mind knowing that your family, your pets and you can go outside and enjoy your yard that you have worked so hard to have look beautiful.


Every winter the snow and ice kill some of your grass. With Thatching we will come through your yard and remove the dead grass so that your lawn can fill in the gaps with out struggling.


At the end of the summer you need to prepare for the ground freezing. The proper aeration will give your lawn room to expand and breath so that your lawn can make it safely through the winter. This will allow your lawn to get a jump start on the spring growth.


Just like you need a hair cut, so does all of your bushes and hedges. We come through with the best tools available to get everything back under control and looking its best all summer long.


Yup we take care of that annoying white stuff, SNOW! We make sure you can safely get to your cars and not have to worry about getting stuck in your own driveways. We will even shovel your sidewalks if you would like that as well.


We only use the best salt available with a working temperature til -20F outside. The salt we use will not harm your pets or grass AND it DOES NOT harm your driveways. No ice and no headaches.